yes and hello

by harmony tividad

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released September 8, 2016



all rights reserved


harmony tividad Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: costume jewelry
you grew up so fast they say they have to know whys everything plum do midnights ebb and flow

i'm running away so fast i call it off million dollar kids buy dreams in terrycloth
they don't know what to say so just perform the lines i know i'm pretty when the sun gets in my eyes

you wore costume jewelry your mother found downstairs so they would never see what you kept under there
she looks so pithy as the night falls on the sky
watches the mirror like a changing traffic light
Track Name: diamond in the rough
go chase that diamond in the rough
that sad is gonna make you so tough
cause they look right through
to a place past life and you wanna know what it feels like
to drink somebodys drought

i saw you up but falling down
in some circus charade that you could sniff and run around
and i wanna know what it felt like
to watch him hold me like he would a knife
they'll take you to that creek
where sickness heaven sleeps
Track Name: what chaos is imaginary
you live 1/2way
in a transient home by the highway
didn't mama tell you
there's so much to see
there's a silver lining
and a ripping seam
everythings overrated I'm looking from too close
i'll take one ticket to heaven
dress up like the holy ghost

got your head in the clouds
and two eyes on the shaking ground
i loved you from the petty view and watched you like the daily news
rehearsing whats reality
what chaos is imaginary

in the bleachers
a god teaches
about whats worth knowing
a bland candy scheme
building yourself boundaries
just to kill your dreams

got your meds and your sky
you plant the moon in someones eyes
i did it too
i loved him and his violence for the pretty view
rehearsed a strange reality
what chaos is imaginary