good jokes (demos)

by harmony tividad

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this is some stuff i made in 2014 in los angeles

demos la dee la la


released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


harmony tividad Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: purple soft
purple soft is you i know yr broken too
you tell everyone about it in your stories
i think yr sortof cute when you think I'm rude
you pile up and you ignore me

lets go to the show we'll know that we don't know the answers to the peoples questions
i just want to be part of anything so don't hate me when i don't have an answer

im not drunk i swear its just something i wear, a consciousness to compromise till morning

purple soft is you i know yr broken too
you hold it every night in front of your tv
i've never been confused
i'd say i have it too
a simple string of stories in the morning
Track Name: nightwalker
nightwalker u are so blue
i want to be a part of you
you're hiding from your friends are you like them

i remember i saw you on the road
where no one else seems to go
you said nothings only good
i dont deserve it

last week you cut off all your hair you found dull diamonds everywhere the pavements ate you up i still need you

nightwalker you are so good you took the drugs just cause you could its really pretty where you are
Track Name: feed me flowers
you can't love me like i love you
you can't want me like i want you
ill never tell u what it meant when i said i wished we were dead
you can't trust me i cant trust you
feed me flowers i have the flu ill never tell you what i want when i let myself want what i want
got a letter from my friend said its better to pretend
ill never tell you what it meant when i only knew you in my head
Track Name: how are you doing
today i thought about killing myself
i won't
but ill call you on the phone
and ask how are you doing
i don't care
Track Name: i don't remember what happened last september but you do
Track Name: pretty
i'm not the person down the block i'm not the kid you like a lot i drive 100 miles a week i count my words i hate to speak
i remember seeing you in dreams, trying to understand what this sadness means
i hate the way i feel confused
like i'll always be a part of you

you were such an idol you were the whole world now you see you look pretty broken

i'm not a dreamer in their prime, i'm consistently not worth your time sometimes i feel so far away it's hard to think i'll ever stay

there was a person i once knew he built a molehill out of glue, he claimed i was too close to stick but somehow i'm still stuck in it